Annie supports ICN as a Patient Advocate and in order to be a team with one goal -“Healthier Together!”

Patient Advocate looking for a team job……..
Every Patient Advocate has a patient. My patient is my only son. The job of Patient Advocate
came upon me uninvited when my son became ill with Crohn’s disease. I did not apply for this
job; I am a mother, not a doctor or a researcher. Learning the role of a PA unfolds over time
and there is no instruction manual. Certain ideas and thoughts can be transferred from former jobs and former lives, but much has to be learned from scratch. It is helpful in doing the PA
job if you have a lot of time and a lot of patience, as the solution to this IBD disease takes a
great deal of both. It would also be helpful to have an education in nutrition and bio-chemistry, of which I have none.

The objective of this particular Patient Advocate is to make her son better. How to set
about it is another matter, as it turns out to be a complex and sustained set of illusive
problems. A PA needs to remain objective and detached, even under the
most extreme conditions. Having a collaborative health care system for greater support as a
parent PA would provide better understanding of the individual patient with respect to
his/her different, and very individual, needs in relation to a more common illness. While most
doctors look at a broad and confusing set of symptoms and try to attach protocol treatments to an entire cohort of patients; the PA’s problem is slightly different. This Patient Advocate, by job
definition, is obliged to help one person – in this case, her son – her patient, 24/7- a truly
unique and precious individual.

The most important qualifications that this Patient Advocate has is ongoing patient contact,
direct care knowledge, persistence, discipline, hope and an unwavering love for a very special son! Can this PA be a real part of your team? I would qualify with all the love I have in my
heart and all the hope I have in my mind, but I can offer you even more.

One day we’ll find a cure together, and my son will be healthy and free. Help me help my son; I can’t be an effective patient advocate without you. Let’s share information, work together,
learn together and heal together.

Let’s be a team with one goal -“Healthier Together!”

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