Christine knows the importance of giving each other strength and support

I am healthcare provider, I am a patient, I am a human Being. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. After a couple of years of surgeries, medication and serious depression, I am blessed to say that I am here now, living this day forward with a greater appreciation for all. We share this planet together and our challenges and victories can give each other strength and support to heal and cope with what we are given to live with. We can use these as difficult times to make us stronger and more compassionate toward our fellow companions sufferings. We do not have to walk alone.

There was a child come through the light from Creation or Heaven or whatever you believe, with a purpose, as all Children have, to love and be loved.
The path was twisty and difficult at times, steep and dangerous, dark and terrifying. She slipped and fell, scrapping knees and stubbing toes but the light and voice of creation kept her moving forward, slowly or quickly depending on where she was, in the landscape she imagined around herself.
Her imagination had magical powers to create her world, to bring light into darkness or darkness into light. She found that her perceptions and reality could be altered by the she felt in her heart and head. And if that were the case, then perhaps she had the ability to create the World from her imagination or at least help her hands to work with others to create a better World.
Then one day she stumbled and bumped her head and a great sickness came upon her. Some beings around her cried in fear of their own mortality while others raised her up to fly. Her illness held on tightly while she tried to be brave, to comfort others fears, to keep walking forward knowing in her heart and soul that no matter what, it was going to be alright. For what good can come from worrying, from imagining and creating the worst; Living in a paralyzing fear without ever really living? She was living here and now and that is the only true reality, the only part we can change. I can make this a great day, she would tell herself. She made the best of herself as she had the power to do so. She found comfort, community and a greater purpose in giving to others. As she imagined her insides, as she gave love to herself, she grew, expanded and healed. She let go of beliefs that no longer served her, she learned to live and work with what she could change, she learned to see herself through pools of acceptance and oceans of Love. This is what she chose to carry forth and share with Humanity. She saw that her difficult path had been the foundation for the strength and beauty, to be the Being that she came here to be.
Some days are better than others, we do not have to be alone and we do not know who may be standing or lying in front of us, it may be an Angel.