Leah supports collaborative care for her father and for patients everywhere

My father is a physician, so I grew up with healthcare all around me. I would hear his stories, visit the hospital with him and any time I was sick, the diagnosis was just one bedroom door away. I was very lucky with my exposure to healthcare… but it wasn’t until the doctor himself got sick that I realized how it takes a community and true care to help people through the rough times.

When my dad was diagnosed with cancer – it was scary. He has always been the one treating others and treating us – who could treat him? Who could tell my dad what to do when he was so accustomed to being the one to give the orders? Little did I know that while my dad was the boss at our house – when he stepped foot in that hospital, the nurses took him under their wing and they gave my dad amazing care (and didn’t put up with him when he told them he was fine or didn’t need to take certain meds).

No matter who you are, no matter what the condition – the only way we can figure out how to get better is together!

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