Lori Hymer supports the Healthier Together movement for her great nephew.

My great nephew became so ill that he was down to 56 pounds. If he were a “child” I would understand, but not a senior in high school. It was so hurtful to see him suffer and not be able to help. We were so curious as to what awful thing could make him so very sick. Then I received a phone call that told me he was taken to Levine in Charlotte. It did not mean anything at the time to me about which hospital since I am out of state. But let me tell you, to hear my niece talk about how great they were to her and my great nephew, well, I liked it more each day. My great nephew was so ill, he could not eat. They told me he had a feeding tube, but somehow it was a comfort he was getting some nourishment. Then the best day of all came. He was smiling and feeling better every day. THANK YOU for helping him! I know that prayers and Levine got him through. He now knows what is wrong and can move forward! THANKS AGAIN for what you do!

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