Marc P. supports ImproveCareNow

Sometimes it seems as though all people with IBD need are a Gastroenterologist. However, anyone with IBD knows that is not true. Like me, some have a sever case of enteropathic spondylitis and frequently see a Rheumatologist. Ensuring that doctors such as Gastroenterologists, Rheumatologits, and General Practictioners communicate and know what the others are doing is vitally important to the health of the patient. Additionally, most people with IBD can tell stories of going to the hospital and the struggles with getting quality care. As a patient, it seems as though we know more than the doctors that are serving us in an in-patient hospital setting. While in part “I want a cure for Emma,” if I ever have children, continue to live in West Michigan, and they have a medical crisis or are diagnosed with IBD, I want the best care for my child to be at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Thanks!

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