Physician Sandra K. and the team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital are committed to ImproveCareNow!

Nationwide Children’s Hospital CCFA Take Steps Team: to show you the faces of some of the folks at our IBD Center who are committed to supporting our patients and their families!

It is my honor and privilege to be a part of the ImproveCareNow collaborative. I first joined when I was a pediatric GI physician at the University of North Carolina. I have continued my involvement as a part of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital IBD Team; in fact, I am more involved than ever! As a pediatric GI physician who has dedicated her life to caring for children who live with IBD and to help give them a voice, I am proud that I can serve as a physician leader and active member of ICN. . To quote Maria Montessori, “If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are makers of men.” As a pediatrician and as someone who has seen the impact of IBD on my patients and those close to me personally, it is my obligation to work with organizations and collaboratives like ICN to ensure that our children live healthier, productive lives.


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