Rhonda P. know the importance of collaborative health care!

We are so thankful for the collaborative healthcare we receive and to be a part of the ImproveCareNow Network thru Levine’s Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC.

The care our daughter receives is outstanding, and we appreciate all the efforts that are made on their part to strive to learn all that they can – thru research and input from those that are affected by IBD/ UC and other diseases. It is vital that everyone work together to find appropriate treatments for these patients, and for their families. Input from patients, their caregivers and physicians, along with special help from those in research will hopefully go a long way to bring comfort
and healing to so many patients who endure on a daily basis trials that seem to never go away. We hope that research will reap solutions! Thanks to all who give of their time and efforts seeking improved care for those affected by this disease.

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