Sherrie supports truly collaborative, innovative care

The body is the most amazing machine ever. Each part works collaboratively to allow us to function. It is clear that no part works in isolation. It is also clear that despite that we are all human, we are each have valuable unique information and insight into our own bodies. Trying to understand the complexities that exist in all humans and the uniqueness of any given human is a massive undertaking to treating disease and in maintaining or achieving health. Like the body itself, this can not be accomplished in isolation. I can’t tell you how many days and nights I dreamed about a collaborative effort. I am a parent to a child with IBD–diagnosed just before her 3rd birthday. I have scoured the internet, consulted with doctors and practitioners of all type, nutritionists, spoken with hundreds of parents and adults with IBD. Ultimately, I synthesize all of the information as best as I can, but would love if all of the experts came together and looked at a whole picture for my daughter. No longer do I want to leave a GI office with one bit of advise, to walk to and endocrinologist office next door and get totally opposite advise. This should never happen–and in our case happened when they were part of the same practice, using the same system. Come on, lets work together to gather all the information and use our combined brainpower to track symptoms and treat IBD using the various methods (note not only standard medical medicines only) that are available and make sense.