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Karen supports Healthier Together and ImproveCareNow

What ImproveCareNow is doing is cutting edge in the way that healthcare is delivered. As a mother, a daughter, a friend, and a public-health worker, I value ICN as I know it will impact the lives of many–not only those living with IBD, but many other conditions that can learn from how ICN has transformed [...]

PF supports Healthier Together to provide support to other patients

My health deteriorated over several years, with surgeries, specialists, and chronic clinic visits. The real problem was not uncovered by any of these, but rather by healthcare friends in social media who coincidentally had experienced similar symptoms and responses to treatments. That suggestion for a differential to explore from that broader community empowered both me [...]

Emma from Inova shares her incredible story

Hi my name is Emma, I am a 4th year student at the University of Virginia and this is my story – The word ‘disease’ scared me. I was six years old, a gap-toothed second grader whose world flipped-upside down by more than just long division and chapter books. Little did I know back then [...]