Wade S. speaks about the benefits of Healthier Together and ICN!

I support the Healthier Together campaign as a part of ImproveCareNow because I myself am a patient diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease nearly two and a half years ago. I think that Healthier Together Campaign is so beneficial for the youth with IBD. I think the best treatment comes from the collaborative effort of the parent, the child, and the doctor as well as other related parties. It opens up a line of communication between everyone, so that everyone is involved in the process and can better assist the patient. I may not have been diagnosed as a child, but I can honestly say that if I was, I would want ImproveCareNow clinics in my area. Living with a chronic illness is extremely hard and this is coming from my own personal experience. I feel like if everyone is involved in the process, it ensures that the patients receive even better treatment. Kids with IBD need ImproveCareNow networks, so that they can be constantly educated on their disease. Chronically ill children will better be prepared to tackle their disease and be empowered to speak up and notify their gastroenterologists of their symptoms. I feel that the Healthier Together campaign is a great way for IBD youth to gain support, education, and understanding. I believe in the process and I think it’s great for the IBD community.

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